New! EEOSTAT Version 4

EEOSTAT v4 refreshes the software appearance and updates the Census data accessed in avail and census eeo tab to the 2014-2018 EEO Tabulation; see the Census Equal Employment Opportunity Tabulation.

EEOSTAT is a software tool that aids in EEO compliance, useful for HR professionals and employment lawyers. Five different modules provide quick answers in an easy-to-use format.

EEOSTAT is used by many EEO professionals, including investigators and attorneys at the U.S. EEOC and other federal and state civil rights agencies. EEOSTAT was created by Jeffrey C. Bannon, an attorney with 40 years of experience handling EEO statistics.

How EEOSTAT Works: A charge is filed against your company…

If applicant data are available, you can use square or mh calc to see if any disparity is statistically significant (e.g., women are 20% of the applicants yet only 12% are hired).
If applicant data are not available, get an estimate of female availability (e.g., women are 42% of marketing and sales managers in the Boston metro area) from the included census eeo tab data, and check the disparity with avail.

To get an idea of possible exposure, use paycalc to calculate backpay with interest. Of course, total exposure should also take into account damages, usually a function of the total shortfall (a calculation made by avail and square).
You can print the results from each of the modules or save as a MS Word, Corel WordPerfect, PDF, or text file.


… a statistical test of selections from a pool

square calculates the statistical significance of disparities in an employment selection process when applicant flow data is available.


… a statistical test of selections against availability

avail calculates the statistical significance of disparities in an employment selection process when there is no applicant flow data, and availability estimates come from Census or other labor market data.


… a tool to calculate backpay with interest

paycalc calculates the amounts of backpay, including interest at IRS rates. IRS rates can be updated automatically within the EEOSTAT software.

mh calc

… a statistical test of stratified selections

mh calc allows testing of association between selection and protected status, controlling for up to 18 tiers in a third variable.

census eeo tab

… availability data from the Census EEO Tabulation 2014-2018

census eeo tab provides data for detailed occupations and EEO-1 categories, by workplace and residence, for counties, places, and metro areas.