census eeo tab

census eeo tab… data from the Census EEO Tabulation 2006-2010 (5-year ACS data)

census eeo tab provides availability data for detailed occupations and EEO-1 categories, by workplace and residence, for counties, places, and metro areas from the Census EEO Tabulation.

census eeo tab accesses the same data that the Census button accesses in avail, but allows for data display that can be printed or exported to a CSV or PDF file. The Census data included in EEOSTAT come from several tables in the Census EEO Tabulation 2006-2010 (5-year ACS data): EEO_ALL01W, EEO_ALL01R, EEO_ALL04W, EEO_ALL04R, and EEO-ALL12W. These data tables provide availability estimates for detailed occupations or EEO-1 categories, by workplace or residence, for counties, places, or metro areas. Additional data tables from the EEO Tabulation are available online at the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Tabulation.

Census TableOverview of Process: To create a display of availability data, select the desired Census table, and then, one or more geographic and occupational categories. The geographic and occupational choices depend on the table selected.

The possible tables are presented in twelve radio buttons: The six tables in the EEO-1 Job Groups column come from the Census Table Set 4, in particular, tables EEO_ALL04W and EEO_ALL04R. The six tables in the Detailed Occupations column come from Census Table Set 1, tables EEO_ALL01W, EEO_ALL01R. Tables ending ‘W’ contain worksite data; those ending in ‘R’ contain residence data. EEOSTAT breaks each Census table by geography (county, place, or MSA).

In the example below …

EEOSTAT census eeo tab-exampleIn this example, the table for County/Work for EEO-1 Job Groups was selected. The user wanted availability estimates for EEO-1 Job Groups in three Colorado counties: Boulder, Broomfield, and Denver. census eeo tab displays the availability for these counties. The standard error of the estimate is shown in parentheses below the estimate.

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